Corporate FAQs

FAQs Regarding Corporate Sponsorships

What is Competitive Advantage?

Competitive Advantage is a career and graduate readiness program targeting college undergraduates from historically underrepresented minority groups — African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans. We provide tools, training, experiential learning opportunities and networking designed to prepare students to enter careers or to position them for graduate education.

What is the origin of Competitive Advantage? 

Competitive Advantage is a product of The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which has worked for more than a half-century to increase diversity in business education and corporate leadership. While The Consortium focuses on graduate business education, the undergraduate program is open to students in any academic discipline.

What are the benefits of participation?
  • Leveraging The Consortium’s early access relationship-based model to engage students, partners can engage the entire class of undergraduate scholars in a pre-and post-conference environment. 
  • Participate in a number of relationship-based direct student engagement and networking opportunities during our corporate immersion experience. 
  • Participate in a cost-effective mini career fair. 
  • Conduct informational and/or employment interviews for internships and/or full-time career opportunities. 
What partnership opportunities are available for Competitive Advantage?

There are so many opportunities available depending on your sponsorship level. To learn more about sponsorship, contact Kimberly Alexander at 636-681-5441 or or Angel McKay at 636-681-5455 or

What are the logistics of the Competitive Advantage conference?

The one-day conference will be on Sept. 9, 2022. Student programming is on Friday. 

Can you share a breakdown of attendees?

Students will be invited from select colleges and universities, including The Consortium’s 22 member schools. Approximately 200 students will attend, including sophomores, juniors and seniors from any academic major, both men and women. They will all be representatives of historically underrepresented minorities — African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans.

Who is the program administrator?

Janice Wells-White, EdD, The Consortium’s vice president for program administration, is the administrator of Competitive Advantage. You can reach her at 636-681-5451 or

As a corporate partner, who is our first contact for Competitive Advantage?

Kimberly Alexander, vice-president, development, or Angel McKay, director for corporate development, are your first contacts. Kimberly can be reached at 636-681-5441 or Angel can be reached at 636-681-5455 or You may consult with Angel to help plan your corporate footprint at the Competitive Advantage conference. 

What are some best practices to follow before the Competitive Advantage conference?
  • Plan ahead and customize your strategy to fit your company’s individual needs. Have conversations with your recruiting team and take time to speak with our corporate development team about planning your footprint at the conference. 
  • Work with The Consortium staff to review resumes and send e-blasts detailing your conference plans and hiring opportunities. Inform students of your attendance and let them know what your footprint looks like. 
  • Keep in mind: Different strategies for students at different stages of their college career. Sophomores are beginning to consider their path; juniors are seeking internships; seniors may be seeking internships, may be ready to launch their careers or may be considering graduate education. 
  • Place yourself in the student’s shoes, understanding that the conference may be overwhelming at times — and a new experience for everyone. 
Will I receive a resume book or contact information for attendees?

Yes! Before the September conference, you’ll receive a resume book, followed by a complete attendee list after the event. 

Will I be able to schedule interviews with students in advance?

We will provide a block of time in which corporate partners may interview students during the conference. As a partner, you’ll have student resumes in advance and ample opportunity at networking and engagement events to schedule interviews for the interview block. 

What channels are available for exposure by my company through Competitive Advantage?

We can offer exposure through these channels: 

  • The Competitive Advantage CGSM Online
  • The Competitive Advantage website
  • Your online career fair space 
Does my sponsorship include access to all workshops and networking events?

It does. Your sponsorship is all-inclusive. 

What is the deadline for student applications? When are students notified?

Students must submit their applications by 11:59 p.m. CDT on Sept. 2, 2022. They will be notified of their acceptance into the program by Sept. 3, 2022. 

Can I contact students before the Competitive Advantage conference?

Yes. We can send an e-blast to the attendees on your behalf. Contact Jeff Farris, The Consortium’s director of database operations, at 636-681-5452 or E-blasts may be submitted as text in a Word document with your company logo attached separately. Alternatively, you may submit HTML code.