A leadership workshop for college sophomores, juniors and seniors who are underrepresented minorities seeking advancement through networking, career preparation or readiness for graduate school.

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What is Competitive Advantage all about?

  • Making sure you have the tools to finish college strong.
  • Preparing for life after undergraduate school. Are you ready to launch your career? Is graduate school the right next step? Let’s find out.
  • Leading in any career. Are you an engineer? A business major? A social worker? Pre-med or pre-law? Let’s work together on next steps — regardless of your major.

How can you participate?

GET READY: Learn from experts how to prepare for your career — or how to position yourself if graduate school is the right next step.

GET CONNECTED: Meet corporate representatives seeking interns and full-time employees. Connect with other students and members of The Consortium network. Learn why those connections matter — and how to make the most of them.


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What You’ll Do

We personalize the program depending on what year you are in college. Everyone benefits from work in these areas:


  • Exploring career options through simulations;
  • Learning how to prepare for interviews;
  • Working to build your personal brand (and why it’s important);
  • Developing team-building skills;
  • Identifying employment opportunities;
  • Interview with corporate partners;
  • Learning how to maximize internships.

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